TREDIT SA is a company with 30 years of experience (established on 08-03-1995 under Government Gazette 1069) in the provision of services and the elaboration of consolidated studies for Public and Private Organizations in Greece and the EU. The company provides services in Design and Management Studies in all areas of Transport, Logistics and Systems Design, Data Analysis, Transport Studies (at all stages), Organization, Development and Operation of Transport, Intelligent Transport (ITS) ), development studies with emphasis on the Transport Sector and others. TREDIT S.A. was founded by the merger of TRUTh SA and TRD SA based in Thessaloniki where its headquarters are located, and since 1995 an office in Athens has been operating. Specialists were employed in higher education (politicians and topographers, engineers, software engineers and economists), the majority of whom have an MSc / PhD degree from various universities in Greece and abroad. Using the advantage of the experience of its long involvement in the transport sector at national and European level and the complementarity of its fields, the company provides integrated services to its customers at all stages of the development of a project or service, from the initial feasibility study to the detailed design system and the implementation, commissioning, maintenance and further exploitation of the projects. Four sectors form the structure of the company, which operate under the responsibility of the respective sector manager and are ranked by qualified personnel. These areas are:

  • Traffic & ITS (Design of Transport and Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Logistics and SCM (Logistics Studies and Supply Chain Management)
  • New Technologies and Innovations (New Technologies and Innovation Systems)
  • Application Design and Development (Application Design and Development)