The PERFFECT Methodology and Concept

The work plan includes 6 phases supplemented by horizontal dissemination work knowledge and project coordination.

Phase One : Identification and Analysis of PERFFECT Structural Elements - Design of a Designed Ecosystem. The parameters and functional characteristics of the proposed ecosystem will be defined and analyzed.

Phase Two : Modeling the Intelligent Mechanisms of the Essential Energy Management Processes of Port Operational Processes and Infrastructures. It is the core of the project's research. This phase focuses on the analysis and calculation of the energy consumption of the key business processes in the load forecasting and engineering systems and optimization algorithms, including financial optimization.

Phase Three : Development of basic techniques and methods. With the successful completion of the basic phase the project will proceed with the implementation of the system.

Phase Four : System prototyping and integration. After the successful completion of all the research and development objectives, it will be possible to implement the proposed system.

Phase Five : Check and Validate the Suggested Infrastructure. The project will be completed with the preparation and organizing informative and other events.

Phase Six : Evaluation of the proposed Infrastructure. The PERFFECT project aims at high acceptance of the end users' results, as the main characteristic will be the implementation of the end-user tasks, while emphasizing the constructive interactions between them and the technology providers.


The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible level of maturity technology in terms of both the building blocks of the technology and the overall system they will produce. This orientation will be further enhanced by the adoption of a flexible development plan that seeks to reach an original first stage very early in the project. Implementation of the PERFFECT ecosystem is seen by the entire consortium as the first step to achieve the following two tasks:

  • Identifying skills to achieve high-tech acceptance.
  • Create a team capable of performing efficiently and delivering high quality results. 

PERFFECT will follow an evolutionary implementation process that will change through a range of activities (agile methodology).

  • The proposed iterative approach will take place in 2 short cycles, allowing the integration of new data from evaluations into the process of building data development of the project, reviewing it whenever necessary. Throughout the process other similar initiatives will be monitored in order to identify new opportunities, threats and aids/improvements of the implementation activities.
  • PERFFECT will adopt a fast-failure approach in achieving the steps of the process of idea maturing and the system evolution. This will provide the means for a rigorous assessment of the existing technological capabilities and the choice of the most appropriate implementation tool, allowing for an effective alignment with the current conditions throughout the life cycle of PERFFECT.
  • This approach will allow PERFFECT to respond to external or internal opportunities during its life cycle and add to the flexibility of the project to truly accommodate innovative solutions that will match emerging trends and needs at the actual time of implementation. Thus, the actual dynamics of the final results will quickly reach a high level of maturity and will ensure the successful use of the proposed ecosystem in the short/long term period after the end of the project