What is the perffect project

PERFFECT's main goal is to promote the environmental profile of European ports and excellence in energy and environmental management and port performance through innovative technological solutions that help monitor, evaluate, predict and optimize the energy efficiency of business processes and infrastructure ports, as well as environmental assessment, in line with the requirements of EMAS and the international standard EN / ISO 14031. In this context, PERFFECT will develop a a modern and integrated system of energy and environmental management and port decision support based on innovative energy consumption and simulation models that will be developed to fully and dynamically depict energy consumption of all key operational processes and port infrastructures , which will allow control of the different operating scenarios and the optimal level of energy efficiency of infrastructures as well as a modern network of senses energy efficiency and environmental footprint monitors in real time. A combination of prediction and resource allocation optimization algorithms that require statistical analysis of historical data and real-time data will be developed in the future to assess dynamically changing stochastic magnitudes such as energy demand, as well as determining the optimum operating structure. PERFFECT also promises the development of a system of sustainable management indicators, which will act as a decision-making tool and will allow optimal environmental impact assessment using advanced multicriteria analysis algorithms. Finally, PERFFECT will investigate the development and integration of innovative technologies (eg on-shore systems, the use of alternative fuels of the future such as LNG, etc.), the use of RES in the port and the assessment of technical, and economic aspects of the development of innovative solutions.

The main "energy consumers" in the port are related to activities related to direct port activities, such as loading, unloading and transhipment, cargo handling at terminals, land transport and infrastructure such as management buildings, electric cranes, refrigerators, boats cabinets, refrigeration chambers, lighting systems, etc., with activities related to the supply of ships and finally with activities related to the port such as the services to the port angry passengers migrant service facilities and tourism and activities related to land transport. PERFFECT aims to develop an innovative quantitative ecosystem and optimal management of energy consumption and environmental assessment of selected energy-intensive port processes and an efficient decision-making system on best practices to fully meet the energy needs of the port through a sound allocation of resources the use of renewable energy sources. The architecture of the proposed ecosystem includes two sub-structures:

  • the basis of PERFFECT data and
  • the application level which includes all the smart tools and subsystems that will be used to analyze the information.

More specifically, this includes:

  1. Port Process Modeling System
  2. Dynamic Power Consumption Model
  3. Energy Demand Forecasting & Optimization Algorithms
  4. Environmental Impact Analysis and Decision Support System
  5. Visualize PERFFECT data
  6. Multi Sensor System