The PERFFECT Project

The PERFFECT project aims to promote the european ports’ environmental profile and the excellence in energy and environmental management and the port performance through novel technological solutions that help monitoring, evaluation, prediction and optimization of the business processes energy efficiency and ports’ infrastructure, as well as the assessment of environmental behavior, in accordance with the requirements of EMAS and the international standard EN / ISO 14031. In this context, PERFFECT will develop an energy and environmental management and decision support integrated system based on innovative energy consumption and simulation models developed to fully and dynamically depict the energy consumption of all key operational processes and port infrastructures, which will allow controling of the different operating scenarios and the optimal level of energy efficiency of infrastructures, as well as a multisensorial network of energy efficiency and environmental footprint monitoring in real time. A combination of prediction and resource allocation optimization algorithms that require statistical analysis of historical and real-time data will be developed for the purpose of future estimation of dynamically changing stochastic magnitudes such as energy demand, energy use through RES as well as determining the optimal operating structure. PERFFECT also promises the development of a system of sustainable management indicators, which will act as a decision-making tool, allowing for optimal environmental impact assessment using advanced multicriteria analysis algorithms. Finally, PERFFECT will investigate the development and integration of innovative technologies (e.g. onshore power supply, the use of alternative future fuels such as LNG, etc.), the use of RES in ports and the evaluation of technical and economic aspects of the development of innovative solutions. 

The PERFFECT response

The work plan of the PERFFEKT project includes six (6) phases. The parameters and functional characteristics of the proposed ecosystem will be defined and analyzed during the 1st Phase. The 2nd phase will focus on the analysis and modeling of energy consumption of key operational processes of ports tracking system, the prediction engine and optimization techniques and algorithms, including financial optimization. The 3rd phase includes the implementation of the system, while the 4th phase includes the prototyping and integration of systems. Finally, the 5th and the 6th phases includes the validation and evaluation of the PERFEEKT ecosystem. In conclusion, PERFFEKT consortium is comprised of 2 Research Institutes and 2 SMEs.


Project T1EDK-03368 is being implemented within the framework of the RESEARCH - CREATIVE - INNOVATION ACTION
and is co-funded by the European Union and national resources through the OP. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK).

PERFFECT Project Consortium